1-2-3-4 Women Respond to How Getting Engaged is Life Transformational

Women are getting engaged!

The #GetEngaged movement is resonating with women across the US.

This year, I left it up to you, the TiffyTalks community to volunteer your stories of self-engagement. I’m thrilled to share these 4 women as guest contributors. I hope you enjoy what they have to say, but more importantly, I hope you see yourself in their stories and decide to #GetEngaged too.

1. What caused you to get more engaged with yourself?

Since my Sophomore year in college, I’ve dealt with health anxiety and worry.

The fear that something is wrong with my health has caused me to go to the hospital several times for panic attacks and various unnecessary tests. My grandmother, who recently passed away in August was sort of like my spiritual blanket. I relied on her prayers to get me through, but once she passed away, I knew it was time for me to grow up and become engaged with myself. 

2. What did you do to be more engaged?

To become more engaged with myself, I had to get to the root of the fear I was having. What I realized was that even though I’m a Christian, I wasn’t truly trusting God. Learning to trust that God is protecting me and caring for me at all times is a daily reminder for me. Repeating encouraging Scriptures and surrounding myself with positive individuals has helped me tremendously.

3. How has the #GetEngaged movement inspired you?

I believe, taking the time to discover your purpose is the most important thing a woman can do, and the #GetEngaged movement has inspired me to do just that! Once you know who and what God has called you to be, then everything else will fall into place.

4. What encouraging words can you share with other women who are contemplating getting more engaged?

During this process of becoming more engaged and trusting God, I’ve learned that you can’t give up. A quote that I have posted in my classrooms for my students says,

“Today is a new day, leave everything from yesterday in the past and make today great” –unknown author.

The Bible says that each day we are given new mercy! That means that whatever happened yesterday, whether good or bad is in the past. Do whatever it takes to make today the best day of your life. ~Bridgett 

Vett Williams is from Indiana PhotoCred: Selfie w. @tiffytalks twist

Vett Williams lives in Dallas, TX, PhotoCred: Selfie 

1. What caused you to get more engaged with yourself?

I was in a horrible verbally and physically abusive relationship for 3 years.

I was tired, but not sure how to leave. I was unsure about my self and in the process, I lost who I was. I withdrew from my family and close friends, all of this caused me to want to be more engaged.

2. What did you do to be more engaged?

I started reading encouraging posts, and posting them everywhere in my home. Speaking out loud, who I know I AM, and what type of relationship I wanted. I even started praying more and getting more involved with my church family.

3. How has the #GetEngaged movement inspired you?

I’ve learned, it’s okay to focus on you, let some people go and how to speak positive words into your life to encourage yourself. Also, keeping “only” encouraging friends around you.

4. What encouraging words can you share with other women who are contemplating getting more engaged?

Read other stories of women who have gone through the same things as you and made it out. ~Vett 

Zena Capers resides in Indiana and works in catering for Notre Dame University. PhotoCred: Z. Capers w/ @tiffytalks twist

Zena Capers resides in Indiana and works in catering at Notre Dame University, PhotoCred: Z. Capers 

1. What caused you to get more engaged with yourself?

I started to get more engaged with myself as my children began to get older.

I was a stay at home mother of three and I invested the majority of my time in them. All three were involved in sports, plus school and church events. When they got older, I noticed I missed a lot. I never received my high school diploma. One day, I decided to get it and never looked back. I went on to get my Associate degree. My kids encouraged me to keep going, and in 2011 I received a BA in Organizational Management.

2. What did you do to be more engaged?

I started to be more engaged with reading the Word, prayer and what you call ME TIME. I believe, when you engage more in the Word, you learn more of who you are as a person. Now that my children are almost out the house, I am beginning to spend more time attending to being a better me, so I can give what I have to others.

3. How has the #GetEngaged movement inspired you?

I enjoy your blogs and I love your words of wisdom, influence and encouragement! I’m inspired and I desire to continue to stay on the path of being “totally whole.” ~Zena

Donna Williams is a Registered Nurse and lives in Middletown, DE PhotoCred: Curtesy of DW w/ @tiffytalks twist

Donna Williams is a Licensed Practical Nurse. She lives in Middletown, DE PhotoCred: Personal Pic

1. What caused you to get more engaged with yourself?

After ending my marriage of 13 years, I was lost and confused trying to find my worth.

In June of 2014, my sister who was my best friend passed away right in front of me, and two years prior to her death her husband passed away. I went from being a single mom of two children, to four children with a matter of days.

2. What did you do to be more engaged?

I had to make a decision to get engaged with myself, so I can give life 100%. I started seeking God through more prayer, praise and studying. After reading a book, The New You Revolution by Latoya A. Benson, I started dealing with the inner me, I started going to conferences, retreats and classes.

I started to embrace my past and viewed it as a pathway to my purpose.

3. How has the #GetEngaged movement inspired you?

The #Getengaged movement has helped me realize that I was so engaged with everyone else’s life, I neglected my own. I realized that I am so much more than a mother, ex-wife, nurse and a friend. Now, I’m in love with myself more than I have ever been in my life.

4. What encouraging words can you share with other women who are contemplating getting more engaged?

Do your best to deal with the inner you, the deep rooted you.

I’ve found, it’s important to know who you are, what you are and what power you possess. These answers can only come from a relationship with God. The more you seek God, the more clear the answers will become for you. ~Donna  

Such an honor to have these 4 women share their stories with us. I’m inspired and humbled by how the #GetEngaged movement moved you, especially from where it all started.

How did you enjoy or relate to these women and their stories of self-engagement? Would you like to share how you engaged with you? Please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

With Love, Bridgett, Vett, Zena, Donna &…

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P.S. If you are blessed by the content, please share the good with your friends. It matters and helps us to spread the #GetEngaged message.



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    Very nice! Thank you!

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    Thanks be to Jehovah Jireh for the divine appointment that brought me and Zena Capers into each other’s lives. He knows the beginning from the end and knew that today, December 4th, 2015 I would need this resource to help me overcome. I received such a feeling of acknowledgement of my plight and it is right on
    time. I WILL use this God-
    sent resource to propel me to my destiny and help me take as many women as I can with me! I’m on my way to being the best version of myself that I can be!

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      ZaWondra, I’m glad my path has crossed with Zena as well, and I’m excited that you are clearly on your way. #StayEngaged

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    We as Woman have challenges in our lives. We keeping being strong & movitated by others. Women should share their story for inspiration to others. Im still learning change, of friends and family. Everyone doesnt need to my journey to success, especially if werent there in the beginning. Time for good people to win

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