10 Secrets to Success God’s Way

What is your definition of success?

Is success connected to your career, health, and family or is it about money, status and how people see you? How about your ability to serve and influence others? Being able to define success for yourself is an important key to success. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself drifting towards ambitions and goals that have no significance to you or God.

Most of my life, I worked hard to obtain and live the world’s definition of success, and I was successful at it, private school for my daughter, prestigious camps, house in a top neighborhood. It was all good.

However, today I can say, having success God’s way has captivated me. Let me be clear, the allure from the world, to follow the herd is strong, but it’s not adventurous or stimulating to me anymore.

Having worldly success is mediocrity at its best, –yet I can admit, I started drinking the juice again. Are you familiar with the success juice I’m referring to? Here it goes:

“I’m telling you, if you do it this way it’ll work and generate this or that. Yeah, you definitely won’t make it unless you tell them what they want to hear, then give them what they need.”

Please hear me. Their success juice and system works for them, but it doesn’t work for me. I’m trying to hit a mark led by God (Philippians 4:13), where I get to be exactly who I am.

“When you attempt to serve God in ways you’re not shaped to serve, it feels like forcing a square peg into a round hole. It’s frustrating and produces limited results. It also wastes your time, your talent, and your energy.” ~Rick Warren

But! I got caught up, drinking “their” juice and I forgot my first love (Revelations 2:4-5), and replaced that love and passion for a false sense of success. Trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, doesn’t this sound like what some of us do in relationships?!

If you’re in a dry place or being tested and tried or maybe you’re seeking to formulate your own definition of success, please consider this list, so you can “endorse your own definition of success” sooner than later.

10 Secrets to Success God’s Way

  1. Let God quench your feelings of discontentment with life, with your relationship status, with your career, and definitely with your financials. Don’t do the most trying to fulfill your thirst, let God help. Let God lead you. Remember: In John 4:10, Jesus said to the woman at the well, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”
  2. Get engaged with your “why”. Why am I here? Why was I created? The answer is worth pursuing, knowing and doing. Be patient with yourself, but be persistent about discovering your “why”. Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren are great reads to help you discover your “why”.
  3. Be cool with “how” you do what you do. Don’t make the mistake of trying to show up doing life or your “why” like the world does it. Yes, you can take ideas from her or them, but trust me, understanding your “how” is important. It’s okay to be the different that you are. Be confident and alert (1 Peter 5:8). The enemy wants you to be debilitatingly insecure about “how” you communicate, lead, dress, etc, etc.
  4. Learn to love yourself. Your idiosyncrasies, your aggressive or passive tendencies. Your vessel is a gift and how you treat you will vibrate throughout your entire life, including your relationships. The more compassion, respect and forgiveness you give to you, the more you can give to others.
  5. Let yourself grow. You can say “this is just who I am” because you’re grown, but if “who you are” is a know it all, controlling, abrasive or borderline abusive, then you my dear are holding yourself back from growing, and possibly love. This doesn’t contradict point #4 because the more you love yourself (God’s way), the more you’re purified to resemble the image of God’s Son, and the beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).
  6. Never stop learning. No woman or man is above coaching, teaching or wise counsel (listening). You can be self-taught, read books, go to passion or purpose related conferences, but also let someone else in your world to offer constructive criticism. When done right, we sharpen each other (Proverbs 27:17). Jesus went to John the Baptist to be baptized.  The disciples went to Jesus to be instructed. Who do you go to?
  7. Keep the priorities the priority and work the priorities. Laser focus on your priorities will make your heart happy and will help build a sense of fulfillment, and kick jealousy, envy and unhealthy competition in the face.
  8. Focus your creativity, time and money. Invest in what you care about. If love is your priority, then focus on love and how you can love more. Who cares if you have success in something you don’t care about?
  9. Don’t take your mortality for granted (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Buy the roses and smell them often. Get out and enjoy the world around you, and go on the date with the men who show genuine interest in you.
  10. Be honest with yourself and God. What do you really want? If you won’t be real with yourself or God, you won’t move the notch on most of this list, and true success will evade you.

Any surprises here, what would you add to this list? Please comment and feel free to forward this article to your friends.

With Love + Purpose,

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