3 Reasons to Stop Trying to ‘Keep Up With Everyone’ on Social Media

Social media is often a place where people celebrate themselves.

Rarely is it used as a place for putting our low points on display.

We scroll through social media looking at everyone’s highlights. The graduation. The wedding proposal. The never ending vacations abroad. The wardrobe that’s to die for. And the list goes on and on.

It’s become so easy to get lost in this trap of comparing ourselves to other people’s progress and trying to keep up with their accomplishments. I should have a degree by now?! I can’t believe I’m not making xxx amount annually by now?! Where is my dream car?! The house. That family. That LIFE. Unfortunately, what we often forget are all the moments leading up to those accomplishments. The moments that no one shared, and what this game of ‘Keeping Up’ does to our own goals and accomplishments.

1st. Do You Really Want to Go That Route?

If you’re trying to keep up with him and her, then you’ll have to walk in their shoes.

And, not the Louboutin’s. I’m talking about the Timbs that hiked through 73 all nighters and $2,257 worth of caffeine to get to that graduation stage.

The one’s that paced back and forth til 4am talking through disagreements only to compromise out of love, to keep their happily ever after. The one’s that walked to the crib 17 times in ONE night for that beautiful baby that just wouldn’t stop crying.

Society glamorizes the results, while washing over the work. You might be able to get their sooner, but are you willing to go the route they took?

2nd. Can You Even Keep Up With Yourself?

When you’re focused on other people’s success’ and accomplishments, you’re distracted from the progress of your own.

In the time you spent complaining about how you don’t understand how she’s a full-time entrepreneur, you could have written a business plan, designed a website, and created a marketing strategy. You wrote out goals in June. It’s October, and you still haven’t even checked them all off the list.

Stop wasting time worrying about what they’re doing, and stay focused on where you’re supposed to be going!

[ The Harvard Business Review suggests our “mental cravings” of compulsively checking emails and social media is costing us more than wasted time, click here to read on. ]

3rd. You’re Going to Miss Something Tryna’ Keep Up!

Every person’s journey and path to greatness is unique, and prepares that individual for what THEY need to be successful.

I moved to Atlanta to get my master’s degree in marketing, so that I could eventually get my PhD in marketing.

When I got an offer to teach Kindergarten in Las Vegas I literally looked up at God and said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” But, if I hadn’t spent two-years teaching Kindergarten, I wouldn’t be in a doctoral program researching the importance of diversity in marketing with an emphasis on children’s books.

Something I thought was taking me entirely off my path, was God providing the necessary steps I could have never foreseen.

Have faith in the process. TRUE success is impossible without it.

Next time you catch yourself scrolling through social media, trying to play keep-up, stop and check yourself. Am I being realistic? Am I losing faith in the bigger plan for my life? Do I need a break from social media? Remind yourself of your present and future greatness, and continue to KEEP UP with yourself! 

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As you look to the last two months of 2016, what does finishing strong mean for you? Do you need to take a break from social media to refocus? I want to hear from you, comment below.

#TheQLCrisis Queen,

Jazz Ayers, Founder – www.theQLCrisis.com IG: @jazzayers

This is such a timely message! Jazz, you succinctly reminded us to #GetEngaged with ourselves. You and your Quarter Life Crisis niche stood out to me on Instagram. Thank you for sharing your true message with us Millennials and Gen. X’rs. Your humorous way of doing what you do is needed. Thanks for being the #ShesEngaged woman for October!




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