5 Women Share the Benefits of Spending Time Alone with God

What is it about spending time alone that makes people uncomfortable?

The truth is, had my ex loved me way back then, the way I thought he should’ve or proposed, and had my daughter been a compliant and “good” teenager, I would not have had the time alone to discover…

  1. Who I am
  2. Who God is
  3. What my gifts and talents are, and accept them
  4. Who fits me romantically, based on the above three points
*These points are clearly defined by T.D. Jakes in the video, Time Alone, via YouTube. Click here to watch.

Do you know who you are? Do you know who God is? What are your gifts and talents? Are you resisting your gifts and talents or do you accept them?

Let me give you an example from my life. When my relationship with my daughter was strained, I gave in allowed her to go and live with her father to finish the twelfth grade.

#1: I instantly became an empty-nester.

I also was spending less and less time with my ex because we lived in different cities and the relationship was over, yet not finished. You get what I’m saying, today you might call it a “situationship.”

#2: I instantly was forced to spend time alone.

I was afraid, emotionally broken-down and questioning, myself, my worth, and my purpose for existing. I reveal more of my trials and triumphs and how to overcome the fear of change in my book, #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win! 12 Keys to Unlocking the Life & Love You Desire.

My time alone was the perfect time for God to get me by myself.

13 years later, my daughter never returned to live with me and my ex and I didn’t reconciled our relationship. Basically, I was gifted time to be real, heal so I could love better. I was being called to adjust and learn how to accept myself, my new life and my single status. I could’ve resisted the call, the time alone, and the quality time with God.

The choice was mine to make. You know we always have choices to make, to avoid ourselves or face ourselves, to engage God or disengage from God, to hold someone close or to let him or her go.

TD. Jakes said, “Most single people don’t live, they wait.”

Are you waiting to live? Are you waiting to make a choice?

The heartache I wrestled through, prayed through, fasted through, exercised through and celebrated through over the years has all been for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

I had to spend time alone with God to understand my life didn’t end when my daughter moved in with her dad, and when my ex and I parted ways. It took years for me to see (and accept) that I am more than a mother or girlfriend, nothing against either, I valued both, but there’s more to me and my purpose.

Now, I get to share with other women this simple message: #GetEngaged! (because there’s more Psalm 118:17.) Abundance, thriving and being whole within are not spiritual myths. It is all possible, yet generated through relationship with God.

The Psalmist expresses the benefits of being one who delights in the Lord…

“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.” ~Psalm 1:3 NIV

My PSA for you is this: Don’t die because you’re single at 32, 34 or 39. Don’t quit on life because you’ve been deceived by a lover. And, lastly, don’t lose heart because your life isn’t what you thought it would be.

God wants you to live!

Don’t be misled, having a bunch of activities to do, working on another degree or burying yourself in the arms of temporary men isn’t necessarily living.

Since the inception of www.TiffyTalks.com, although the “how” or strategy has changed over the years, from blogging, to coaching groups, to fasting and prayer challenges. The “why” or mission has remained: empowering women to LIVE abundantly now by getting engaged with who they are and who God is…

Why? Because when a woman is engaged with…

  1. Who she is
  2. Who God is
  3. Her gifts and talents (and accepts them)
  4. Who fits her romantically based on the above three points (who’s most suitable for you?)

She is less likely to be depressed, desperately seeking or dealing with the wrong men, and more likely to be happy, confident and discerning of which men fit her best.


The 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge is one way to compliment your journey to being engaged, healthy and whole.

The most recent challenge, hosted October 2-6 attracted women from Africa, Canada and throughout the United States, and resulted in greater awareness and unexpected blessings, for many.

5 Women Share the Benefits of Spending Time Alone with God

  • In today’s society, where it is the “norm” to be fake and always look like you have it going on, it is easy to think that we are alone in our failures and hurts. I was able to connect, relate, learn, and be inspired by women who are “real” with themselves and determined to fight for what God has in store for them. ~Monique Doyle, Philadelphia
  • In a few simple words, the prayer challenges keep me grounded and provide me with tools to do life, relationships and love in a healthier way by tapping into the ultimate source, God. My mind has been transformed by your services and my actions are following suit. ~Adrianne Edwards, Philadelphia
  • Through staying in the Word, praying, fasting and coming to together with my sisters in Christ has revived me. It renewed my heart, mind and spirit. ~Nikki Kane, Maryland
  • The challenge gave me courage that I didn’t even know I had. It sparked an energy in me to do more for myself. ~Mikki A. Ealey, Queens, NY
  • The 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge helped me to see certain scriptures in new ways. The challenge also allowed me to connect and stand with women I may have not crossed paths with otherwise. ~Edith King, Philadelphia

Did this article serve as confirmation for you? Let us know, we’d love to hear how…

With Love + Purpose,

P.S. Are you done carrying or replaying hurts from your past, but not sure how to shake those thoughts? Would you like to be more confident in who you are and where you’re headed? No longer questioning yourself or your singleness. I encourage you to consider one-on-one coaching. You can book a FREE 30 minute session by clicking here. 



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