6 Books Guaranteed to Get Your Heart & Mind Happy This Summer

How’s your heart? What about your mind? Would you describe them as happy or healthy?

Have you been through a rough patch with love? Maybe, despite how hard you try, your mind continues to race about things you’d prefer not to think about?

This Summer, I’m encouraging you to do something that will make your heart and mind happy; consider picking up some good reads.

Hear me out. Why not kick off the Summer with a great reading list? 

I’m currently in the middle of the ‘Let Your Light Shine’ 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge. During our evening prayer call time, one of the women asked a really good question, we were talking about being “counter-cultural” as women of Faith:

As it pertains to “being counter-cultural,” dealing with fear, dealing with anxiety–How to stand in faith/God when there is so much that pulls at our attention?–and even our identities? How do we stand strong in what God calls us while facing (or maybe even addressing) the real day to day challenges of our realities? There is so much going in the country and the world, real pain, real hurt, real injustice. How do we approach balance or what is the balance? -Ms. Ahhz

Part of my response included this: Consider what you’re chewing on?

What are you watching and listening to? Who are you entertaining and following? Where do you spend most of your time and doing what? The continual challenge for all people of Faith is to be in this world, but not of it, to be a resident of this world, but a change agent for God (and this looks differently for every believer). 

It’s important to be mindful of this though: The world thrives on fear. The believer thrives on faith.

Fear is fought by assurance, confidence and faith.

Assurance that you’re not alone in life because God is always there desiring to relate and point you in the best direction, which will lead to your ultimate good. Confidence that your life matters and so does your contribution to this world. Faith that your reliance on to God is a big deal, a collaboration that will result in an earthly and heavenly harvest.

Therefore, what you chew on matters.

Feasting on fearful images and ideologies won’t result in internal peace, happiness or joy. Instead, it will stir up anxiety, stress and even sickness within, causing you to overreact. Overreacting comes from an insecure space, not a secure space.

God desires for you to be secure.

King Solomon’s words of wisdom to guard our hearts, above all else is brilliant (Proverbs 4:23). Your heart dictates your actions. Who and what you love gets your time and resources (i.e. money). Can you see why the world would continue to feed you fear over contentment? And, the Apostle Paul’s instruction to be engaged with the process of renewing our minds is key to being in the world, yet not of it.

The mind is where we ponder and determine which ways to act, go, do, love or not to love. This article, 6 Tips for Overcoming Negative Self-Talk breaks down biblical ways on how to renew your mind.

This article is my attempt to help feed your heart and mind with positive food.

All good reads that will weigh heavily on the scale of getting your emotional and mental happy levels up. More importantly, you’ll be more balanced within to engage all of life.

6 Books Guaranteed to Get Your Heart & Mind Happy This Summer:

  1. Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes-Roberts. Are you single and wondering where your Boaz is or where your place is in this world? This book is a good one, and an easy read to take with you at the beach.
  2. Breaking Old Rhythms by Amena Brown. The title is true to this book’s content. Are you thinking something has to change in your life? As a Spoken Word Artist, Amena takes readers through bits and pieces of her faith story, and weaves examples of God’s way of helping us break old habits for new ways of being.
  3. The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. This is the ultimate on the flight read, which is where I read most of it. It’s not a “spiritual” book, and it doesn’t have to be because this author does a good job walking you through interesting data on happiness. An audio version book on this one is a definite win!
  4. Living Courageously by Joyce Meyer. Joyce always hammers you with why anxiety and fear can’t beat God’s love and power, and follow ups with Scripture to prove her point. Get beyond feelings of doubt or worry with this book.
  5. #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win! 12 Keys to Unlocking the Life & Love You Desire by (me) Tiffany Wilson. Being called to do something new isn’t easy, but you can lean on your faith and quiet your fears to do it? This book will help you see what’s really holding you back from leaping? It breaks down the common fears of change, making it easier for you to take steps towards the life and love you desire most.
  6. The Holy Bible. This book just works and it breathes life! Get your hands on a Bible that’s easy to throw in your bag and pull out at the beach. Yes, I said it. The beach. There are stories in the Bible that will speak to where you are right now. Single? Interested in marriage readiness; read the Book of Ruth. Struggling with your decision making; read the Book of Proverbs. Wonder if God really cares about you; read about how Jesus related and dealt with the needs of people in the Book of Matthew.

Have you already read some of these books? If so, please share your thoughts. If not, grab one or a few and let me know how your happy level increases this Summer.

With Love + Purpose,

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