7 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2015

2015 was loaded with valuable lessons!

It seems, every valuable lesson learned typically comes with a tinge of dang or I told you so! For brevity sake, I’m going to go right into the 7 Valuable Lessons ‘I’ Learned in 2015. I hope you laugh and learn with me…

1. God really knows best.

The other day, I was laughing it up via Skype with another Christian coach about the tumultuous journey of faith and how despite our efforts to do life on our terms, God really knows best.

On the front end, God’s way may not be the most desirable option, but in the end, God’s way is emotionally, physically and spiritually better. Several years ago, I did my best to go tone deaf to the call: “Tiffany, go to seminary?!” But, after much denial and toiling –in the end, when I walked across that stage to get my Masters in Divinity this past May, it felt so right!

Valuable Lesson #1: Accepting God’s best is not only a great look for you, it also impacts others, for the good.

2. Love reigns supreme.

As a single woman, the love bug has bitten and bruised me a couple of  times over the years, but despite it ALL, love still reigns supreme.

My journey to discovering what love is and what love isn’t landed me smack dab in the mirror. I had to #GetEngaged with the beauty staring back at me and the God who created the beauty. I’m still unpacking all the goodies within. It is written, and Jesus commands us to #GetEngaged! not with just romantic love, but with our capacity to love unconditionally. Well, actually Jesus said:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (intellect). This is the great (most important, principal) and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself.” ~Matthew 22:37-39 (AMPC)

The more you love you, accept and appreciate yourself and God, the more natural it is to love others.

Valuable Lesson #2: Stay engaged with the commandment to love. Love is broader than romantic love.

3. Wisdom must be continually sought.

Wisdom is needed to navigate this life.

Every year comes with decisions, decisions, decisions to be made and 2015 was no different. 2016 is already starting out really real. I don’t know about you, but I get flustered, more like, frustrated when I have to make really big, life altering decisions?! –Shesssh!

For me, 2015 was packed with huge decisions. I asked God for guidance so much, I started to get annoyed with my pleading, but I continually pled my case anyways. Why? Because I’m convinced, leaning too much on my own understanding can be dangerous (Proverbs 3:5,7). God has the full picture and desires to reveal it to us.

Valuable Lesson #3: Don’t get too comfortable making decisions without the wise Counselor. 

4. Purpose is real.

I know the concept of finding your “purpose” is saturating your social media news feeds, and your life coach’s favorite preacher is promoting the pursuit of purpose, but it’s really real.

In 2015, I tried to unplug from the thought of all things TiffyTalks, but my soul wouldn’t have it. Canton Jones said, “If I hit a brick wall, I won’t stop! If people don’t return my calls, I won’t stop!” I feel him. Purpose, your life’s calling be on you like a crush you can’t shake.

Valuable Lesson #4: Keep running towards, not away from your purpose, with all you got!

Don’t know what your purpose is? I’ll be rolling out specific tools this Spring to help you nail it and do it.

5. Timing is everything!

Oh! How I tried to manipulate time this past year, but I couldn’t!

I couldn’t force what wasn’t meant to be with people, places or things. Well, I could, oh and I did and trust me, I paid for trying to force a whole season in my life. It’s like walking around in a snowsuit on a gorgeous Miami summer day; awkward and uncomfortable. I seriously brought unnecessary heat on myself. Can you relate or nah?

Valuable Lesson #5: Stay in alignment with God’s pace for your life. Respect and THRIVE in the season you’re in, don’t rush. 

6. Force nothing! 

The circle in a square peg thing never works and wastes precious time.

Every person I’m meant to know or work with, every position I’m meant to have or gain, every place I’m meant to explore or travel will not be missed. This mindset keeps worries away and faith in focus.

Valuable Lesson #6: If you desire and seek after God’s best, faith and favor says: you’ll have it. God won’t withhold who and what’s for you.

7. Change is a good teacher.

Change has a way of showing you what you’re made of, whether you like it or not!

In 2015, I got my muscle weight up. Seriously, I added exercise to my day-to-day life. . I changed my mindset about the gym and decided to show up. Now, thanks to the support of my gym family, I can do 10 pushups and my body is really in nice shape.

Yes, deciding to make the change, to exercise, to put a pause on dating or to cancel all subscriptions to fake friendships WILL BE uncomfortable at first, but overtime, you’ll learn how strong you really are. If you’re tired of fearing change, check out #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win! 12 Keys to Unlocking the Life & Love You Desire.

Valuable Lesson #7: Don’t be afraid of change, sameness can stunt your growth!

In 2016, so you don’t have to commit to change on your own, I’ve decided to launch the #GetEngaged Pledge. If you’re ready to #GetEngaged with your dreams and overall incredibleness, click here to be the first to get all the Pledge details.

TiffyTalks #GetEngaged Pledge 2016

That’s it, for now. I’d love to know what valuable lessons you learned in 2015, comment below.

With Love,

Tiffy Sign 90

P.S. This year you can expect to hear from more exceptional women who’ve taken a stand to #GetEngaged. Next on the blog is my Alabama Instagram boo, SpeakerRetha Nicole.



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