How to Build Your Faith When Life Isn’t Going As Planned

Right now, the hot button in my life is faith.

Living it out. Thinking about it. Wrestling with it. And, eventually having to go out and teach it.

I’m not sure if this happens to you too? Does God challenge you to face situations or to go through a set of circumstances in order to better understand whatever it is you’re praying about or for?

Well, I’m most certainly sure I’m being stretched to “#GetEngaged” with new and hard to understand aspects of faith.

I’ll share some of what I’ve learned as of lately in this article, I’ll also invite you to join me for a virtual bible study titled, “Work Your Faith in the Meantime,” on September 7 @ 8pm EST.

So, what is faith?

Hebrews 11:1 is the common biblical reference of faith.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV)

Faith in Greek [πίστις] is pronounced pistis and it means to come to trust, to be persuaded to believe.

For believers, faith is motivated by divine persuasion to trust, and to be transformed along the way by what God says will indeed happen. It’s not something that we can conjure up on our own.

Faith is strongly related to confidence. However, our confidence is built in God, and is fueled by Divine insight, and the expectation of the promise or vision. Therefore, we show up day after day because we’re persuaded to believe what God promises or says is true.

Does that make sense? If not, keep reading maybe you’ll gain more than you expected.

Faith is a supernatural gift given by God.

I already hinted to our inability to make ourselves have faith. The fueler or source of faith is God. Without God, you won’t be persuaded to believe beyond your own capabilities, strength and willpower. I know this might ruffle a feather, but you don’t need faith to do what you can do. Rick Warren talks about this in more detail in this article, “God Gives You a Dream to Build Your Faith.”

Faith is a fruit of the Spirit that helps us to participate in achieving more than we could ever think or imagine.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” ~Galatians 5:22-23

When you say, “I have faith,” it’s comparable to saying, “I have God.” And, to know this for yourself, in your heart, can be incredibly empowering! It may sound strange in our ultra independent American culture, but you are not expected to do faith on your own.

God wants you to lean on Him and a community that will support you in your faith.

Therefore, you and I must intentionally communicate and relate with God in order to receive wisdom and understanding on who to be (identity), what to do (purpose), and on how to exercise our measure of faith (action), regardless how big or small (Luke 16:10).

Faith must be exercised in order to be increased.

Like, the sheepherder turned king, David, before he fought the giant, Goliath, he fought a bear and a lion and defeated them both (see 1 Samuel 17:34-35).

You may or may not be familiar with the Inner Circle, click here to learn more about this faith-based community for women, but during our group coaching time, I like to use biblical examples to help the women see beyond what they currently see. I told Inner Circle member, Adrianne, this:

David’s faith and confidence was built up privately, behind the scenes, before he exercised his faith publicly.

I know we live in a world that broadcasts, overshares and uploads “instastories,” I’m definitely an Instagrammer, but faith isn’t an instamoment. Faith is forming within you long before the public gets to see.

David was prepared in his heart to defeat Goliath. He didn’t need his brothers or King Saul to believe in him or to build him up. David knew he stood a great chance at defeating Goliath because he already exercised faith with the bear and the lion.

Faith will have you taking risks and doing out of the ordinary things with conviction.

David didn’t start off with a Goliath assignment. He was built up in God to receive the Goliath assignment, to stand up when the opportunity presented itself, and to literally kill it!

If you’re thinking you’re not like David. Don’t feel down or ashamed for the measure of faith you have now. Let God see you through each measure (Romans 12:3).

Faith will require you to dig deep and be proactive.

There are crucial times in life, when it will work in your favor to dig deep and be proactive, in order to draw a line (set boundaries), guard your heart (protect your core) or stand up for who God says you are (defend your territory).

Your faith is no different. You gotta proactively engage your faith to realize every promise God has in store for you.

The woman with the issue of blood had to dig deep, get up and get out in order to get healed (see Mark 5:24-34).

Her measure of faith fueled her to press her way through an unfriendly crowd of people. People who were vexed by the sight of her and her issue. She could have let shame or intimidation stop her. Instead, she extended herself and fought for the vision of living her life, free from that 12 year battle.

How OR when will you dig deep and be proactive in order to see faith activated in your life? How about in your love life?

Are you tired of hearing about other people’s breakthrough stories? Do you follow actress, Meagan Good and her hubby on social media? If so, do you wonder how faithfully waiting for your version of Boaz would work out for you? Maybe you’ve been secretly battling an issue that you want completely out of your life, but the thought of exercising faith in this matter scares you?

This year, I was hit by a cloud of fear that threatened to eclipse my faith.

The fear was building upon this thought: How are you trying to take women where you’ve never been? [This is a lie, by the way.]

Yes, I’m single, nor engaged to be married, yet I encourage women to #GetEngaged, build a solid relationship with self and God, so their journey from singleness to marriage will be fulfilling and fulfilled, not depressing and dry.

For several weeks, the doubts and fears were trying to wipe me, and my work out. Then one day, my spiritual mind kicked in.

Like, wait, dig deep and be proactive! God is not the author of anxiety and confusion. I was clearly being motivated to focus on the wrong things, by the wrong source. With God’s help, I was led to reclaim my history of faith. And, review the dream and vision(s) that fueled my faith in the first place.

The truth is I’m not a matchmaker. However, I am a confidence builder, mindset shifter, and soul healer. When a woman accepts herself and cuts out the deadness in her life, attracting and accepting a healthy love is more likely.

If you’re done being bullied by doubts, fears, insecurities or the evil one, I suggest you consider applying these steps.

Here’s what I did to get my faith up and my focus back:

  • Fasted as led
  • Prayed daily (and also asked those in my community to pray with me)
  • Recalled the history of my relationship with God. I went back to the inception of TiffyTalks, and retraced my faith steps.
  • Read up on people in the bible who exercised faith, imperfectly, like Abraham and Sarah

Is faith a hot button for you too? Let us know where you’re stuck or succeeding in your faith below. Also, join me on September 7 @ 8pm EST to continue the conversation on faith, CLICK HERE to be added. This is a virtual bible study, please don’t wait until the last minute to gain access.

With Love + Purpose,

P.S. Are you disappointed with the dating scene? Do you doubt if marriage will happen for you? Wish your faith was stronger in this area of your life? The Inner Circle could be what you need to improve your perspective and journey from singleness to marriage, which includes how you date. Don’t miss this! CLICK HERE for details. [Early bird ends 9/1]




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