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#GetEngaged Retreat

Are you confused about how to date and get your worth as a single woman today? Do you feel the odds of having a healthy relationship is decreasing by the day? If you’re among the women who would love to navigate your singleness and love life better, don’t worry! The #GetEngaged Retreat for Single Women is designed to help you reconnect with your value and uncover key principles that will safeguard your heart and get you closer to the love you deserve. Payment plan available. 

[ Hunt Valley, MD August 12 + 13 ]


Inner Circle

Are you unsure how to successfully navigate your singleness as a woman nowadays? Would you prefer to date with a purpose, but find it hard to stand up for what you want? Ready to trust God more, but need support to see you through? What if you could join a community where you can learn how to avoid dating pitfalls, improve your love life and your relationship with God? The Inner Circle is a unique group coaching cohort designed to help women see their value, align with their destiny, grow in their faith and get the mindset for marriage. Payment plan available.

[ “Dignity + Dating 101” 5 Weeks September 18 – October 23 ]


#GetEngaged Webinars

Are you a woman who secretly wishes there were more resources that spoke to your specific needs as it relates to dating, singleness, self-image or setting boundaries? How about self-acceptance and self-love? If you’re among those who desire to be happy and comfortable in your own skin and life’s journey, yet need support to get there, don’t fret! Each #GetEngaged Webinar is designed to equip and enrich you towards more faith, more confidence and more living body for you. Payment plan available.

[ “Boundaries 101: The Importance of Valuing Yourself” July 17, 7:45PM EST, duration 75 minutes ]