How A Leap of Faith Landed Me My Best Life

When’s the last time you took a leap of faith?

Okay, when’s the last time you thought about taking a leap of faith?

If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would be an inspirational blogger, on multiple social media platforms, I would’ve probably laughed and said something, well, –negative!

Like, “I just don’t get why people that don’t know me care about what I’m doing?!” Well, fast forward to today, a sis has gone e-crazy or is it i-crazy?! Well, I think you get what I mean. Basically, as of today, I post an inspirational message on Instagram mon-fri, on my Facebook fan page daily, and I do my best to blog twice a month, which isn’t a whole lot in the blogasphere, but for now, the pace works of me, plus I really try to do my best to put out content worth reading.

In an effort to highlight 2014, and my somewhat dramatic leap of faith from corporate life to inspiring others.

I figured chronicaling key moments from my year through pictures, serves as a reminder to me that my leap of faith was the best move I could’ve ever made, and I hope my process speaks to you and encourages you to get-ta-leaping when it’s your time to!

"These are pics I captured to motivate me in December 2013 - January 2014." -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks meme in middle source unknown

“These are pics I captured to motivate me in December 2013 – January 2014.” -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks meme in middle source unknown

Well, I have to make this clear, to take a leap of faith without anything supporting you is unwise.

For me, my major support was (and is) my faith in God. As I continued to surrender my plans in exchange for God’s plans, God began to reveal to me step-by-step actions to do, down to my business colors.

In December 2013, I began to build my website and I was writing blogs for a launch that I was sincerely afraid of. What encouraged me and helped me to prepare were rooted in these pictures above. My daughter, Deja has always been a natural motivation for me and I just love this pic of her. Secondly, the positive affirmations and guidance from other thought leaders will always be apart of my life, and how I build up the courage to do the unthinkable. Nelson Mandela’s words are so powerful.

I knew that I had to hold Mr. Mandela’s words close, and what I heard him saying is your mind and efforts should not contradict your belief. Basically, I had to believe God’s direction for my life and I had to prepare for it as if it were so.

Lastly, Gary Vaynerchuck’s book, Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy World is a social media must read! His book wasn’t the only avenue I took to prepare for my leap of faith, besides constant prayer, Success Magazine and those cd’s included monthly, always come with a hidden gem.

In addition, my theological education process has been a major encouragement in helping me see that taking a leap of faith ultimately comes with the Faith journey, and the soul that trusts God enough to leap (no matter how big or small) is greatly rewarded. By the way, a sis graduates with her Master’s in Divinity in 5 months!! Yoo-hoo!

"I had no idea how to market my new blog and I was days away from launching it --UGH!!" -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks

“I had no idea how to market my new blog and I was days away from launching it –UGH!!” -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks

In January 2014, I was invited to be the guest speaker at Pretty Girls Praise God’s anniversary celebration. This was really a lovely event, but I had no idea how to promote my new blog to this audience. Yes, I have a solid background in sales, but remember, this is a leap of faith thing, so I really felt like a newbie at pretty much everything. And, I was a newbie, and now God was urging me to take my spiritual journey public. This was not an easy thing for me, but I gave that audience what I knew God had prepared me to give.

Before, I poured my passion out to that audience, my brilliant idea came to me on how to market TiffyTalks?!

I decided to create these marketing pieces that plugged my new blog/website, and hand them out. Easy enough, right? Well, when I went to pick up the marketing pieces, they literally were the size of my arm (please laugh with me). — Ugh!! The printing company –okay, I got the measurements wrong! Please know, taking a leap of faith definitely comes with a healthy amount of mistakes.

I was at least glad that I had something people could take with them, and I was so happy to see people picking up my first ever arm-long marketing piece for TiffyTalks. In addition, my videographer/cousin @herodrade, pictured above, was able to film it all. If you haven’t seen that video, you can click here to check it out.

Funny thing, 11 months later, I ran into a woman that heard me speak at that event, she approached me with nothing but kind things to say. She also follows me on Instagram. Who knew? My leap of faith was making tiny ripples, without me knowing it.

I will say though, in the beginning, I was super frightened to go public, like, why me and how will I be received? As a religious weirdo or more rigid than I really am? I had to get over myself and the perceptions of others, which I still have to tame from time to time. But I will say, doing the Instagram posts and memes has really helped me build my confidence in writing, and has shown me that as long as I stick with God’s pace for me, I’ll be fine. If you follow me on Instagram, you can really see how my branding and content have evolved in 2014.

"I was plotting on Paris in late 2013, and I had no idea I would take the leap of faith and go in 2014, so hype that I did." -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks

“I was plotting on Paris in late 2013, and I had no idea I would take the leap of faith and go in 2014, so hype that I did.” -Tiffy Photo Cred: @tiffytalks

In February 2014, I went to London and Paris. I was in London a few years prior, so this time around, I was determined to see Paris. Prior to leaving Philadelphia, I was out with a friend, and noticed this British shot glass. I was sure this was God winking at me to enjoy my borderline obsession with the United Kingdom. Enjoy, I definitely did! I landed in the UK with a knowing in my heart that I was going to receive some divine nudge from God about my life, and more importantly about my newly launched blog/website.

Paris gave me the clarity I needed…

I saw and heard God while I was in Paris. No, not in an audible voice or through a stranger, but through the beauty of Paris, oh and this stamped sign on a street in Paris, reminding me to GET READY!

As you can see by my facial expression, I was so hype, really ecstatic, to be in Paris. The romantic feel, the shopping, the amazing desserts –I was sold! I was also very aware that God wanted me to see that there’s a bigger purpose going on with me, that I’m still discovering. And, despite my initial feelings of intimidation, I did the right thing by launching TiffyTalks.

Next up, a sister had to get ready…

"I spend a lot of time reading, studying and writing. I love it! This all came later in life, but I'm excited to be a lifetime learner." -Tiffy

“I spend a lot of time reading, studying and writing. I love it! This all came later in life, but I’m excited to be a lifetime learner.” -Tiffy

In the coming months, after Paris, the word discipline invaded my life in a major way.

The discipline it takes to take a leap of faith and the discipline it takes after you take the leap of faith is real.

Especially, a leap of faith based on God’s direction. See, I have to be disciplined with my prayer life in order to hear what thus says the Lord for me (and others). I also have to do things that I may not want to do, like work out, in order to have the energy and endurance to do my purpose effectively. In addition, I had to get comfortable with how God will use just about anything to teach, guide or encourage me along this purpose path. It’s a very different way of experiencing life. Therefore, external voices, Scripture, signs, memes, you name it, can be used to confirm what God is already trying to get me (or you) to see or do.

Does this make sense? I wish I could see you agreeing or disagreeing.

Essentially, that warning I received from that street in Paris to BE READY was heavy loaded.  2014 definitely taught me how to be more physically, mentally and spiritually ready, so I can be available to deliver great work. It may sound like much, but it’s not so bad because God’s grace kicks in like crazy.

God won’t have you leaping anywhere where grace won’t keep you. Now, I’m so accustomed to studying (2 Tim. 2:15) and reading. I actually love it! Me, the library and coffee shops have a serious boo-thang going on.

I know some of my blogger boos feel me on the coffee shop comment?!

What’s really crazy, I know that I’m smack dab in the center of my best life, not because of prestige or money, but because I’m evolving into what God would have me to be (and do), and this is truly humbling, ah-h hard…yet fun too!

In order to get ready for your leap of faith in 2015. Regardless of how big or small, what are you willing to do? What can you take away from my brief chronicle of 2014?

Happy 2015!

With Love,

Tiffy Sign 90

P.S. Don’t forget to comment and socially share the love. It matters.

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  1. Linda Evans January 1, 2015 at 2:12 am - Reply

    I just love your story and can so relate. It’s like I’m reading about myself. I also blog and have a couple more years to recieve my masters in divinity. So congratulations on your upcoming graduation. God bless you and I hope to learn more from you and maybe hear u speak one day

    • Tiffy January 4, 2015 at 10:39 pm - Reply

      Thanks Linda! What’s your blog?

  2. Kerry-Ann January 1, 2015 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    I love this Tiffany! I can so relate to it. Like you when I launched my blog late 2013 I was afraid, I totally feel you on getting wrapped up in the perception of others. With encouragement from my support system I’ve stuck with it and I’m begining to evolve. I am definitely taking a leap of faith to do a few things this year. I can wait to see where it leads me.

    • Tiffy January 4, 2015 at 10:42 pm - Reply

      Thanks Kerry-Ann! #2015 #allabouttheLeap

  3. Cassandra January 3, 2015 at 3:41 am - Reply

    Great tips Tiff!

    • Tiffy January 4, 2015 at 10:43 pm - Reply

      Gurrrr–l, The hackers got me all backed up lol

      • Cassandra January 23, 2015 at 4:58 am - Reply

        Lol. Hackers?!! Oh goodness. They better get engaged and back down. Xoxo lol

  4. Tiffany URivera January 21, 2015 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    I absolutely loved your story! And it inspires me so much to look deep down inside myself and to know that 2015 will be the best year yet!

    • Tiffy January 22, 2015 at 4:21 am - Reply

      Hi Tiffany, Your enthusiasm inspires me too!! Stay laser focused.

  5. Tytenisha January 23, 2015 at 1:36 am - Reply

    I enjoyed this post Tiff!

  6. Francine Gamble January 23, 2016 at 11:32 am - Reply

    This blog really spoke to me because that’s where I am in life right NOW as far as having Discipline! Since Im the go to person in my family it gets difficult at times because it’s no one to push me but me. And I have been in denial of that for soooooo long! But like you said to get serious about your purpose you have to get serious about your prayers. GOD ALWAYS HAS MY BACK????

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