How Self-Acceptance Can Renew Your Life

I’m a firm believer, self-acceptance is LIFE!

However, the process of accepting your multifaceted self and God’s best for you can be emotionally trying.

The past few weeks have been spiritually rocky for me. I had to face the truth: Maybe, I don’t want to let go of the old thing to make room for the new thing?

Doors that I could walk through with ease are now closed and relationships that were once comfortable, are now more of a challenge to maintain.

I’ve faced so many “well run dry” experiences over the past month, that all I could do is laugh. Like, yup! There goes another door closed.

My spirit-mind knows this is God’s way of letting me know the SHIFT has happened, but maybe, just maybe –my natural-mind is not as accepting of the shifts, as I should be.

Like Tasha Cobbs sings, “I can sense it!”

So, if I know in the spirit things are shifting, which is causing things in the natural to move, then why am I resisting the new thing God is doing?

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:19 NIV

You might be where I’m at –in an Isaiah 43:19 season of your life?

Maybe, you’re frustrated because you have no idea what you’re going through, all you know is what used to be cool and comfortable is now strange and unreliable? —Maybe the discomfort is moving you closer to your true self? Click here to check out this article on accepting the real you.

Here’s the problem.

New means new, it doesn’t mean –old. And, the average person loves the idea of new, but not the idea of letting go of the old, in order to make room for the new.

Please know, I have been chosen! to experience high levels of life altering change in order to show others it can be done.

I wrote about the importance of accepting CHANGE as a major way God blesses one’s life in my book #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win! 12 Keys to Unlocking the Life & Love You Desire. And, earlier this month, I spoke at a health conference about “How God Uses Change to Favor + Fulfill Your Life”. 

Again, so back to –why am I tripping about losing the old? Why am I not graciously accepting the shift that’s taking place in my life?

Because, I don’t really want to let go of the old. I’d prefer to keep the old things I have and add the new on top of the old.

Don’t we do this in life though?

  • Instead of letting go of the old relationship with the guy you have nothing in common with, you’d prefer to keep him around until the new “soul-mate” guy shows up.
  • Rather than leaving the old city you can’t stand to drive through, you continue to rationalize why moving to a new city couldn’t possibly work out in your favor?!
  • As opposed to letting go of that old unhelpful negative attitude, you prefer to hold onto why people really can’t change and those who act too brand new can’t be trusted.

God is trying to get us to venture out into that new-new, but the old is going to have to go!

Check out these 4 things I had to do to accept the “new” thing God is up to. 

1. I had to be honest with myself. Each season requires a different way of moving. I can’t move the way I moved in 2012. That gig is up!

2. I had to stop romanticizing my current life

[or the things I have]. My life is cool, what I’ve accumulated is nice, but I’ve got a great feeling the new-new will be aesthetically and spiritually dope. I need both!!

3. I had to remember what I’m called to do. There’s a vision that I believe God plants in the DNA of each person. That vision, that calling should supersede your feelings (emotional rants). Go where the call leads you!

4. I had to remember how far I’ve come WITH GOD. Reflection is so good for your soul. Don’t forget what God did for you back then or over there somewhere. You are not on your own and never have been and never will be! God is with you.

I’d love to know if any of my points helped you see your old vs. new differently, please comment below.

If you feel like you’re wrestling with accepting the new-new God is trying to do in your life or maybe you can’t wrap your mind around letting go of the old, join us on November 13th @ 6-8pm for the 2-hour online program, Self-Acceptance is LIFE! A 6 Step Process to Accepting Yourself. It’s going to be transformative!

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