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My Professional Life…

Tiffany Wilson is an Author, Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and also the Founder and CEO of TiffyTalks LLC. For 15 years, Tiffany previously worked in Sales, where 10 of those years were spent with Altria as a Territory Sales Manager.

Educated in Divinity and also holding a Master’s degree in the same subject, Tiffany realized that she possessed a unique ability to empower women. Whether she was helping them to achieve clarity, direction, self-confidence, awareness or figuring out the blue prints to their lives, Tiffany loved to guide them in moving forward. With this at heart, she founded in 2014.

This platform is used to share what she has learned throughout her life and offer wisdom on topics such as, self-love, relationships and faith.

By 2015, Tiffany had published her first book titled, #GetEngaged With Yourself & Win! 12 Keys To Unlocking The Life & Love You Desire. In her book, Tiffany candidly discusses how facing loss, love, and having a professional career, influenced her to discover herself and her life’s mission. She uses insightful keys to help women get past their fear of change, and live the life of love that’s waiting for them. Coinciding with her book, #GetEngaged Academy was launched soon after. The academy offers an online community that provides faith-based courses for women, which inspires women whom are concerned with their faith, confidence, being single, and their relationship with God.

With many accolades under her belt, Tiffany is also the curator of the KNOW YOUR WORTH Brunch & Coaching Series, and co-creator of The Release, which is a faith-based workshop designed to help women heal and release the hurt they feel from past relationships. Through her spiritual guidance and life coaching, women are able to overcome their fears, while relying more on their faith so that they may #GetEngaged with their lives.

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My Life as a Single Lady…

Single? Don’t fret. It can be a beautiful time to #GetEngaged with yourself…

When I was in my 20’s and most of my 30’s, I didn’t want to hear things like, “Get to know yourself or take time to find out what God has in store for you.” I really just wanted to be in a healthy relationship with a healthy, handsome and loving man. But, the truth is, I wasn’t ready! And, the men I attracted during the days of attempting to dodge singleness revealed how much I really needed time away from dating, to engaged with myself.

Now, I know what it’s like to be a successful single woman, God’s way. I am content, yet open to forming a bond with the man, most suitable for me. The #GetEngaged mission I’m on isn’t a cliche hashtag, it’s a lifestyle that works and leads to abundant life


Me Deja Circus

My Life as a Teen Mom…

“My soul looks back and wonders how I got over.”

I had my daughter Deja when I was 15 years old by my teenage love, David. Being a teen mom, is a significant part of my story. It was such an intense training ground for me. There were plenty of days when I didn’t know how Deja and I would make it, but those experiences helped me grow into the woman I am today. Motherhood has taught me aspects of love, like perseverance, long suffering and patience, tools I don’t believe I would’ve gained otherwise.

Thankfully, Deja and I got over the trials of the past. She is out in the world adult-ing. It’s definitely a new life for us.

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