Why Drama, Pressure & Risk Comes with Living Your Purpose

Drama, pressure and risk are natural byproducts of the purpose driven life.

If you desire to live a drama free, pressure free and risk free life, then you might want to opt out of living your purpose.

I know! I know! I’m supposed to be inspiring you, but the God-given, divinely orchestrated, living your purpose that I’m referring to, comes with crazy unavoidable DRAMA, unsurmountable PRESSURE and unpredictable RISK.

And, any self-help leader, life coach or preacher that’s glossing over these challenging aspects of living your purpose, should stop blowing false wind, now!

Do you need a little biblical proof?

Let’s toast to living your purpose with poor Peter for a minute. You know Peter? Jesus’ disciple. The one who doesn’t get enough credit for stepping out of the boat. Think about it?! One minute he’s rowing in a boat with the fellas, after a long day’s work. Then within hours, here comes an unexpected, distressing storm (John 6:19)?

In the midst of living your purpose you can go from perfect peace to an unavoidable drama in a flash.

Peter and the crew did!

Whether they knew it at the time or not, they had to go through that dramatic storm, with God. Not to mention, the terrifying pressure of seeing Jesus walking on water towards their boat.

Living your purpose will have you seeing things that no one else sees, and doing things that no one else gets!

Enough with Peter. What about the prophet Elijah?

Over the past two weeks, I was really feeling like Elijah. I wanted to run under a tree, curl up and cry! I didn’t want to die or run from the work I’m called to do, like Elijah, but I sensed a spiritual weirdness in the air, plus pressure.

Do you know the prophet Elijah’s story?

He was the prophet that fled after reaching the highest achievement in his prophetic career (1 King 19:3). I’m not at the height of my calling, but spiritually I feel greatness in the air. So, why was I ready to run under a tree?

Being at the height of your career or calling comes with a significant amount of pressure, which can be uncomfortable to face at times.

Oftentimes, the pressure you feel is internal, but it can be agitated externally. Basically, people can put pressure on you too.

The comedian, Dave Chappelle decided to retreat from his hit show, The Dave Chappelle Show, after he was offered a 50 million dollar contract. In a nutshell, he said, “It was incredibly stressful!” So, he retreated to Africa!! Click here to watch his entire interview with Oprah. It’s a goody.

See, the pressure attached to living your purpose is real.

And, RISK is automatically built into believing God actually has a specific purpose for your life. It’s really a risk just to think such a thing nowadays. You don’t have to be an atheist to think this is a farfetched thought: God creating you on purpose for purpose.

You might be one of the people that deep down inside, don’t buy all this purpose talk?

That’s why FAITH is so powerful. 

Good had to do multiple things in my life to help me see that I wasn’t crazy or hallucinating. It may sound strange, but I needed proof. I needed to be able to connect the Divine dots in my life and I have.

However, on the journey to discovering my purpose, I’ve experienced so many emotions (and still do): rage, relief, restlessness and the constant need to be reminded that I didn’t call myself, God called me.

So, I breathe in and out -whew! –and I do my best to rest on God’s provision, not my own.

Because now I know for myself…

 “…living your purpose, your life’s mission is exhilarating and eternally essential.”

But, guess what?

Despite all the DRAMA I’ve been through, all the PRESSURE that comes and goes, I’d have to say, living your God-given purpose is worth the RISK. Why? Because you automatically have an edge. As Valorie Burton mentions in her book, Why Not You?

“When you recognize that this force –God–is with you wherever you go, guiding and directing you, using you, protecting you, and teaching you, you suddenly have an edge.”

I call it being in a zone. As you align with your purpose, nothing and no one can come against God’s divine plan for your life.

Whether you’re contemplating pursuing your life’s mission or currently living out your purpose, I pray you remain open to all the emotions, concerns and questions that will flood your mind and flutter your heart from time-to-time, because it’s all normal.

Are you currently experiencing DRAMA, PRESSURE or RISK on your journey? How can I help you see your way through? Please share any questions you have about getting engaged with your purpose.

With Love,

Tiffy Sign 90

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