Why This Millennial Chose Purpose Over Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Will You Open the Purpose Door or Nah? 

It took time for me to seriously engage this question.

Today as a female entrepreneur, I’m walking in my purpose and I show other women how to do the same. As the founder and CEO of EyeAmm, a company committed to helping women build their number #1 brand, THEMSELVES. I support women in their journey to self-actualization. Although, I now understand my purpose, this has not always been the case.

I have always said the two most important days of a person’s life is the day they are born and the day they figure out why. I believe that saying!

See, the day you’re born, your mother gives birth to you, but the day you answer your calling, you give birth to your purpose.

We all have a choice in whether or not we answer our callings. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14) And, I made a conscious decision one day to be among the chosen.

My purpose continuously knocked at my door.

One day, I decided to open the door and take the path God created for me. I finally understood that my way was not working. I knew the plan God had for me would provide more peace, blessings and success than any plan I could ever create for myself.

My purpose did not suddenly appear out of thin air and more than likely, neither will yours. God had been preparing me my entire life; I just wasn’t cognizant of it. All the tests, trials, detours, distractions, failures, heartbreaks, disappointments, experiences and successes were laying the foundation for my purpose.

1000I recall being in college and girls I didn’t know would come to my dorm room and tell me their problems, ask for prayer, cry their hearts out and ask to come to church with me. I would be so confused. I would wonder, why are they coming to me? But God, sent them! I was being prepared for the work I do now; helping women.

God was giving me an indication of who I was, but I just didn’t see it back then and I don’t think I wanted to.

Before I gave birth to my purpose, I wasn’t living, I was merely existing. I was similar to the Israelites, wandering around in the wilderness because I was being disobedient and didn’t surrender to God’s plan.

Then one day, I had an ah-ha moment…

I woke up one day and I felt so lost and unfulfilled, but I was confused as to why? I was young, educated and getting ready to climb the Corporate latter, but i felt such a void.

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I was at a place in my life where I was accomplishing all the goals I set for myself, but my accomplishments did not provide me happiness. The more money I made, the more education I received, the more I traveled, the more items I purchased, the more I wanted.

I was never content.

I really began to soul search and consult God to figure out what was causing this emptiness. Eventually, I realized that I was causing the discontentment.

Although I am a Christian and was attending church every Sunday, I forgot one thing. I forgot to consult God when making my decisions and plans.

I want to encourage anyone reading this to make sure you are consulting God when mapping out the blueprint for your life. Also, ask yourself this question:

What would you gain if you moved in a new direction or moved toward the change you’re being called to make? ~Tiffany Wilson, M. Div #GetEngaged with Yourself & Win!

Then pray, ask God for guidance and clarity. Don’t get so caught up with your wants that you end up missing the mark. Don’t wait until you hit a brick wall to decide to do things God’s way. You can choose now to live in abundance or live in confusion.

Your purpose is not going anywhere; it will continue to knock at your door. Behind the purpose door is your true identity, your dream job, fulfillment and so much more. The million-dollar question is…

Are you going to answer the door? ~Chassity.

It’s a crazy pleasure to have Chassity Wells, MBA as this month’s #ShesEngaged woman. I met Chass several years ago. We were working for the same consumer products company. I quickly told her over our first lunch, she didn’t belong and should move on. We stayed in touch from that point on. Chassity now resides in upstate New York and helps women build themselves and their business, CLICK HERE to get to know her and follow her on IG @eyeamm_chassity.

If you can relate to her story or have any questions about purpose, and the transition from Corporate America to entrepreneurship, comment below.

With Love,

Tiffy Sign 90

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  1. Michelle March 20, 2016 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    HELLO!! I’ve been reading well scrolling around a lot and this post hit home for me ..I’m at a point where I know my purpose is so much more than the everyday hustle of 9-5 home … I’ve recently connected to a beautiful church and women that uplift ..I’ve also had moments when life was not so great for me and I always had people come to me for advice ,help,prayers… I’m stepping out on faith and Gods purpose for me and it’s to simply be a heart to those in need .. Through blogging ,testimony and other resources… I have to tell you YOUR DOING GREAT!!! I love your blog ❤️ I would love to talk to you and just get some advice on how to begin this journey !! Thank you for this post …


    • Tiffy March 20, 2016 at 9:00 pm - Reply

      Michelle! Thanks so much. It sounds like you’re on your way. You can email me at tiffany@tiffytalks.com about how to begin. Blessings & assurance!!

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