Self-Worth + Dating Workshop

Do you need a new outlook on love? Done getting the run around from men? Tired of replaying the same scenarios with different men? 

Have you considered what you value most in a partner? For instance, do you only entertain certain "types" of men? Could your type be holding you back from good dating experiences?

There's no set blueprint on dating and relationships that everyone should follow, but there are attitudes or behaviors that could be diminishing your odds of connecting with men who are most compatible with you. 

What can you expect out of this workshop?

You can expect a better understanding of what's needed to have healthier dating experiences, which can lead to a healthy relationship and marriage. Whether you're single and waiting for the special one, or single and actively dating, you'll be taught transformative concepts and tools to enhance your ability to end up in relationship with the right person for you. 

What topics will be covered?

  • Self-worth: fundamentals of knowing your worth and getting your worth
  • GetEngaged: Taking care of yourself first
  • What do you value? Is it helping or hurting your love life?
  • From worthiness to worthwhile dating experiences
  • Direct feedback on specific dating scenarios 

How do you register? 

You can click here or the image below to make a secured payment via Paypal or you can pay via Cash App $TiffyTalksLLC.

How much does the workshop cost?

You get access to this 2 Week Workshop taught by yours truly for $147 - Live in Philly SEATS 10 WOMEN [there are 2 seats remaining] @ a private location off City Ave.

What's the time commitment?

5 total hours, Sunday, November 4: LIVE in Philly 2-4pm EST (time has been extended to 5pm), November 11: ONLINE 2-4pm EST.

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