Coaching + Coffee Sessions

A space for women to be restored and reminded.

What can you expect from a Coaching + Coffee Session?

You can expect a safe space where you, as a woman of faith, can be honest about what's hindering you from moving forward. Do you desire to get beyond a breakup, divorce or your distrust of the opposite sex? Are you ready to explore a healthier approach to dating + singleness? 

You will be led by Coach Tiffany through a unique group coaching process. She will use practical tips + biblical principles to assist you in getting unstuck emotionally, mentally and spiritually, plus learn how to use the resources you have, to move you, and your love life forward.

If you're ready to make peace with the past, and take the needed steps to live fully in the present, Coaching + Coffee is the space for you. Get registered, grab your coffee cup and come sit with us :)  

Part 1: Relationship Hurt: Get Unstuck + Grow in Self-Love

This Coaching + Coffee Session will affirm, it's ok to admit you were offended, but it's not ok to let the offense dim your light and ability to love, again. 

Virtual Date: TBD in 2020 via video conference.

Cost: $97 |  

What's included?

  • Conversation about Ruth before Boaz [heartbreak to healing]
  • Consequences of telling yourself the wrong story and how to breakthrough to a new chapter
  • Coaching on how to lean into Faith, Self-Love and Purpose
  • A journal will be provided for live attendees only

Part 2: Single Woman, What Do You Do in the Meantime?

This Coaching + Coffee Session will examine how to get what God has for you relationally, and not settle ahead of time? 

Virtual Date: TBD in 2020 via video conference.

Cost: $97 | 

What's included? 

  • Conversation about Ruth meets Boaz [right timing + readiness]
  • Consequences of having no counsel, bad counsel or not being able to listen to wise counsel
  • Coaching on how to unplug from the Distractions, and plug into Discernment + Destiny
  • A journal will be provided for live attendees only 

Read what previous clients have to say about Tiffany's coaching style:

"Your book, and #GetEngaged sessions was the beginning of a lot of things for me. I am forever grateful. You and your work definitely touched and lifted me, and my love life is good too." -Andrea Lennon

"This workshop has definitely turned the mirror on myself. I needed to take a good look at myself and Tiffany has turned some lights on in places that were Dark to me. ex. Personality Traits, behaviors and even dating techniques." -Courtney Bell

"A coworker mentioned Tiffany’s life coaching as a life saver and I jumped on it! I’m so blessed to have found such a personable, down to earth, and experienced life coach. She helped me get deep within the root of what was causing the disheveled order of my life and how to get it back on track. I apply her teachings in my life everyday." -Mercedes Olesik

If you have a question, contact :)