The Self-Love 1st Bootcamp: Vibes, Values & Vision

The Self-Love 1st Bootcamp: Vibes, Values & Vision

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What vibrations are you sending out? What vibrations are you accepting from the opposite sex? 

Is your energy welcoming to love or shutting love off? If you want to have more fun dating and getting to know quality men, a shift in perspective and presentation may be in order. 

Have you taken time to consider your energy and the vibes you project online and offline? Would you like to give online dating a try, or try it again, but with a refreshed perspective? This bootcamp could be for you. 

What can you expect out of this bootcamp? You can expect to walkaway with a better understanding of how self-love impacts authenticity, energy, and the vibes you give off, and accept. Also, how to create a vision for you and your love life that's rooted in your faith. You can attract, engage and date quality men, but Self-love 1st. February 10 LIVE in greater Philly @ 2-5pm EST. 

  • Vibes: Self-love, like self-worth can't be masked. We'll evaluate authenticity, energy, masking and vibes. Are your vibrations representing or misrepresenting who you are and what you desire?
  • Values: Know what you value for yourself and in a partner, then learn how to apply those values to your social + online dating profile. 
  • Vision: Create a visionary board for you and your love life. [Materials provided.]
  • Fun, yet purposeful accountability! via the Self-love 1st group support social App; ask questions, get godly direction about your dating and singleness process.

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