FREE 7 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge Kit!

More assurance, confidence, happiness and inner-peace...

Fasting can help you see how and where you should invest your energy.

You can do this Fasting & Prayer Challenge at your own pace! Don't feel led to do a 7 day fast? It's designed for you to do it in 3 days or 5 days too!

Here's what's included in the Fasting & Prayer Kit:

  • Resource Guide (incl. daily Scriptures, songs and a reflective question of the day).
  • 7 prerecorded prayers from yours truly to use during your 7am or 10pm prayer time.
  • Access to the 7 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge Chat Room (ask me questions).
  • Prayers for your successful completion.
  • Survey to let us know what worked for you!

You don't have to step blindly in any direction again. You can get the clarity and focus you've been seeking. Don't push this off!


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