33 Compelling Reasons to Add Fasting and Prayer to Your Lifestyle

Fasting and prayer has been a big part of my life for the past several years. I can attribute my peace and overall poise to incorporating fasting and prayer into my lifestyle. 

The calm in my mind is quite extraordinary, given how I used to be bullied by negative self-talk and worry. 

Do you ever feel emotionally clogged, mentally bogged down or physically drained?

Growing up African American, many of us believe in ringing in the New Year with a clean house, clean clothes and a full pot of black eyed peas cooking on the stovetop. Call it superstitious, but I totally get the clean house concept.

How do you plan to clean house before the New Year?

Being the #GetEngaged Queen that I am, I'm proposing you consider an inside out approach to cleaning house to ring in a new, New Year.

December 17-21, the "Focus on Faith" 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge is happening. If you've never done a challenge with me or fasted before, this is a great opportunity to do something good for you. 

Not familiar with fasting? Fasting is a spiritual discipline. It's a willing sacrifice to abstain from a person, place or thing for a certain period of time, in order to draw closer to oneself and God. 

Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11) or when the Prophet, Daniel and his friends refused to eat the King's food for 10 days (Daniel 2:8-21) are good biblical examples of fasting. 

Still not sure fasting is for you? Maybe this list will convince you otherwise.

33 Compelling Reasons to Add Fasting and Prayer to Your Lifestyle:

  1. You're in a funk and don't know why?!
  2. You have a major decision to make and don't know which way to choose.
  3. You'd love to spend more time in prayer, but just haven't made the time.
  4. You're tired of leaning on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).
  5. You're too easily distracted.
  6. You have a major project that you need to finish.
  7. You're tired of starting something and not finishing.
  8. You're irritable.
  9. You're angry most of the time.
  10. You're restless.
  11. Your sleep pattern is off.
  12. You're not clear on your purpose.
  13. You're tired of making the same mistake!
  14. You lack peace (Philippians 4:7).
  15. You lack patience.
  16. You give social media more time than you'd like to admit.
  17. You struggle with saying, "No!"
  18. You're double-minded or indecisive (James 1:8).
  19. You need more courage.
  20. You desire to be healthier.
  21. You want to be more selfless.
  22. You're more into reality TV, than reality.
  23. Your mind races too much.
  24. You want to learn how to be more disciplined.
  25. You want to kick a bad habit.
  26. You desire to be open to whatever God wants to show you.
  27. You need God's help kicking a certain sin to the curb. 
  28. You need confidence and spiritual spunk to kick a certain person to the curb.  
  29. You're ready to confront and do something about the negative self-talk. 
  30. You desire to become more self-aware. 
  31. You want to be a better follower or leader. 
  32. You want to be more disciplined. 
  33. You want to grow in self-love. 

I hope you can see from this list, there are so many reasons why fasting and prayer can be powerful and transformative, especially as you say farewell to one year, and prepare to welcome a new, New Year.

By the way, which number is speaking your language? Comment below. 

If you need to reevaluate your personal or professional life or desire to start anew? I invite you to join us for the *"Focus on Faith" 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge, December 17-21. It is free.

Click here to RSVP for the 5 Day Challenge.

Much Love, 

Tiffany Wilson, M.Divinity aka @tiffytalks

[Published via Original Website March 12, 2015. Edited, December 6, 2018]

*TiffyTalks, LLC and the 5 day fasting and prayer challenge cannot guarantee you any results, please consult a physician prior to taking the challenge.


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