My Why...

There are women, I know, whose confidence has been shaken. They thought they had it, and then certain situations happened. You wonder, if I loved myself a little more or at all, would I be tolerating certain things or people? 

I want that woman to know, she's not alone. She can get her worth and be loved, the way she's tried to love others. Her happiness and peace isn't reserved for heaven, but it's ALSO right now, here on earth, and it's rooted in loving herself, first. 

Getting Engaged with Yourself Matters...

While in my late 20's, I thought I had everything I needed; the right number of children, one, the right man and the right career with the right pay. But, as life would have it, one day I had it all, and then the next day, I didn't.

The loss of love and life as I knew it, didn't happen overnight though. It was more like a slow inevitable death, which took a lot of healing to move beyond. Life happens:

  • The relationship you thought would last, ends. 
  • The one you thought would be different, isn't. 
  • The opportunity you swore was yours, got away. 

From experience, I've learned this life comes with storms, but we can be better equipped to cope and persevere, in spite of what we're facing.

Faith helps us succeed.

I create content and offer unique coaching experiences that transform women on the inside, strengthening their emotional, spiritual and relational wellbeing, so they can live and love abundantly. 

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Coaching topics focus on dating + self-worth, self-love, singleness, and something I've coined, "self-engagement."

I speak + lead workshops too.

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