5 Reasons Why Purpose is Important in Life

Have you ever considered why purpose is important in life?

Maybe, you're reflecting more than usual? If you are, this could be a good thing. January was an emotionally and spiritually straining month. It was full of fiery aspirations for a more resolute New Year, yet dampened by the sobering reality that no human being can escape their date with death. 

In all, I could see making plans for your life is good, but having purpose in life reigns supreme. 

Last week, I was scrolling through all of the Gianna and Kobe Bryant condolences and highlights on Instagram, and then boom, I see a repost from @aftertheaisle of a woman, Elle Duncan, Sports Anchor for ESPN. She was live on air giving a testimony of who Kobe Bryant was to her, and a conversation she had with him about the possibility of having a boy child, someday. 

Her remembrance of Kobe Bryant had me choked up and in tears.

It was so true.

She shared, Kobe said in a nutshell, "having a boy child would be great." However, he was honored to be a #GirlDad. In a world where female bodies aren't valued as highly as male bodies, and having a male seed over a girl seed is highly honored, Kobe Bryant acknowledged that he was purposed to be a father of girls. 

It was so powerful. 

This testimonial hashtag #GirlDad is now rippling throughout the country and possibly the world. What's even better, other dads have taken to social media to post endearing images and express their daddy-daughter love. 

This is a simple, yet profound example of why purpose is important in life.

"People who know their purpose in life know who they are, what they are, and why they are." -Scarlett Erin, Your 'Why' Matters: The 10 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

#1. Purpose gives you clarity for life and love. 

As you begin to accept and align with purpose, it grows your confidence. It helps you see where you should invest your energy, creativity and intellect. It also illuminates your path, so you can see the most suitable people to befriend, do business with, and date (or marry). 

#2. Purpose empowers you to live in excellence. 

If you watch videos of Kobe Bryant training, speaking or playing ball, it's clear, he was driven beyond his natural capacity. He was deeply committed to his purpose, which caused him to excel with supernatural grace (on and off the court). Purpose empowers you to live unashamedly in excellence. It won't let you settle for less. 

#3. Purpose helps you access more peace. 

Knowing who you are, what you are and why God created you puts you in a peaceful position. When you are at peace (and not anxious), you're better able to assess if an opportunity, situation, or relationship is for you or not. If it disturbs your purpose or peace, you are more inclined to pass without FOMO. Having faith, that all that's willed for your life will not be missed.  

#4. Purpose takes the devastation out of death. 

Death is a guarantee for us all. However, to know that you are living out your life's purpose or seeking to GetEngaged with your WHO, WHAT and WHY diminishes death's power. You win when you decide to fully engage your life, managing the fear, as you do your best to leave the imprint God designed for you leave. 

#5. Purpose regenerates life in you and others. 

That conversation between Elle Duncan and Kobe Bryant was full of purpose. How do I know? Because purpose triggers the divine in others. The ultimate regenerator of life is God, but when humanity gets in agreement with divinity, we access the ability to spark a light in others. #GirlDad is the powerful outcome of a purposeful conversation, by two people engaged with their life's purpose. 

Can you see why purpose is important in life?

From this day forward, how will you begin or continue to live a purpose driven life? Comment, let us know below. 

In pursuit, 

Tiffany Wilson, M.Div -@tiffytalks | Instagram, Facebook 

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  • LaShawnta Lewis

    This article as well many other of your articles was very inspiring and confirming. I was just sitting here journaling about this very topic and few other things mentioned. I happen to open my laptop which I’m usually done with, and found this!
    My God! Purpose! Confidence!
    Thank you, time I trust God and walk in it

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