Why Does Your Health and Sex Life Matter to God

Does God really care about our bodies, and how they function? Why does keeping your body healthy, and free from sexual frolicking matter to God?

Are you a single woman [or man] of faith?

How do you feel about the middle-aged married Pastor, who got hitched in his early twenties talking to you about your sex life? Is it annoying to you?

How about the married woman who was convicted to stop having sex, stopped or
"waited" for 14 months, then got married? Is it bothersome to hear her testimony about abstinence, and waiting until you get married to have sex?

Like, can they really relate to being single, single?

Last week, after writing about the battle of the mind, I was compelled to keep the self-examination conversation going, but this time focusing on our bodies. If you haven't read the previous blog post, check it out.

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As a single woman, whose been single and waiting for years, I do believe the church's leading on the matter of singleness, sex and overall body health is sketchy at best. 

This blog is meant to shed light on the importance our bodies play in leading an abundant lifestyle, thriving in love, and being a functioning member of the body of Christ. 

If you are a person of faith, married or single, and one who believes Christ lived, died and rose again to atone for your sins, you are "beseeched" to voluntarily present your body as a living sacrifice, so when one begins the process of presenting their body, isn't for us to judge.

The Apostle Paul is "beseeching" all of us to pay attention to how we engage and handle our bodies [and the bodies of others]. Are we acting in a way that honors the body we've been given?  

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." -Romans 12:1 KJV

Let's take a closer look at Romans 12:1, and try to uncover why our bodies matter so much to God. 

The word beseech in Greek is parakaleó, which means to beg, encourage, or make an urgent appeal up close [in close proximity, like up in your face]. So, Paul is speaking in a serious tone to believers about how to walk with, and worship God.

This appeal still applies to us today. 

What can we gather from Paul's passionate plea?  

  1. Present your body, while you are alive and able to do what God created you for, do it! But, why? Because your body is a valuable temple (1 Corinthians 6:19), and the Holy Spirit, who dwells inside of you, is there to advocate on your behalf, and empower you to achieve your God-given assignment(s).
  2. Consider this! Paul wants us to think about, take time to reflect on: God's record, character, and authority. Lent is a perfect time to do this. If God thinks our bodies are invaluable, and worthy of preserving, then let's trust the mind of God, over our mind.
  3. It's a reasonable service to present your body back to God. I know you might be laughing, as am I. What's reasonable about this? This is where Paul is begging us to be more thoughtful over our bodies because the body is where we live, love and worship.
How can you worship God apart from your body, or love your neighbor as yourself without your body? 

    You can't, which brings us to why our health and sex life matters to God.

    How we come to know God, ourselves and our purpose is through our bodies. 

    "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ." -Romans 10:17 NIV

    If your body [mind and heart] is weighed down, how will you be able to hear the message, or discern God's presence in your life? It will be difficult to decipher God's voice from all the other voices [your voice, the enemy's voice and the voices of others], when your being [body] is cluttered (John 10:27). 

    If your body is in an unhealthy state, you won't be in 'your' best shape to function [and love], share your story [testimony], or carry out the purposes of God. Your health is wealth. How you care for your temple matters, and will help you to be an effective member of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). 

    If your body is engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage, then you run the risk of being bogged down spiritually, tied to someone's soul, and/or absorbing the negative emotions of others. God doesn't want you split in your affections, or attached to anyone who is not your spouse. You can have sex, but outside of marriage it's not beneficial (1 Corinthians 6:12-13), and is a poor imitation of love. 

    As you can see, this isn't a message for singles only.

    We're all charged, as "indispensable" members of the body of Christ, to hear God out on why our bodies are so important to Him, and to the proper functioning of the entire body of Christ. 

    How did this blog topic move you? What specifically spoke to you? Let us know, drop your comments and questions below. 

    Much Love,

    Tiffany Wilson, M.Div aka @tiffytalks

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