Fasting & Prayer Challenge

If you're looking to reset or refocus you mind, body and spirit on what matters most, the Fasting & Prayer Challenge is a great way to connect with yourself and the Divine in a deeper way.

This challenge is becoming a staple to do for women of faith.

Here's what women have to say about the challenge: 

"This fast has been amazing and overall the fast rejuvenated my spirit. I love the calm within my spirit and it’s been truly a blessing be able to stay focused on God!" -Zersha, Detroit 

"The “Faith Over Feelings” challenge gave me clarity and understanding of God’s purpose for my life. Can’t wait to participate in another challenge." -Catherine, Chester 

"Sometimes you just have to stop and pray without postponement and just do it. That's what I learned!" -Tinesha, Philadelphia

Join us for the next 5 Day Fasting & Prayer Challenge, as we bring in 2019 right!

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