{FAVRD} Bible Study

How long has it been since you felt confident about the direction of your life? How long has it been since you felt good about yourself and your connection to God?

Maybe it's time to get engaged with your spiritual life. 

{FAVRD} was created for modern women of faith who are chosen, to grow in community. Here we study the Scriptures to gain wisdom to navigate our relationships, business endeavors, community involvement and the complexities that impact today's woman.
We are committed to cultivating our relationship with God, self and others. 
Like Elizabeth announced to Mary, {FAVRD} women are blessed because we believe God (Luke 1:45). 

 Bible Study is held virtually every 2nd + 4th Thurs, 6:45-8pm EST. August 30 - November 8. 

There's a $15 Bible Study Guide fee. CLICK HERE to reserve your space

Would you like to get to know us before you commit?
Sunday, August 26th {FAVRD} will host it's first meet up and all are welcome to attend. Get to know the host and community members at the "Woke + Favored" Chat & Chew in Philadelphia. CLICK HERE to RSVP for this FREE meet up.

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