How to Radically Love Yourself and Improve Your Love Life

About four years ago, I had this vision to launch a blog that would inspire women to get engaged with their lives, but the GetEngaged message didn't exist, yet.

In the beginning... 

Instead of saying, "sis stop dwelling, love yourself and take time out to #GetEngaged with yourself," I promised to assist women with these three things:

  1. Living intentionally by discovering one's purpose, and doing it.
  2. Loving fully by facing whatever fears and faulty thinking you have about love, plus doing the work to heal from the pains of past relationships, so you can love again.
  3. Believing boldly by leaning more on faith to experience everything God says is already yours.

I had no idea how to blog, do social media, market, connect with women online, or self-promote in ways that felt right, but I did it anyways.

I launched because there was a time when I desperately needed someone to say, "sis stop dwelling, love yourself and take time out to #GetEngaged with yourself" with compassion, and not judgment.

I want women to know: You can move on with your life, and here's how. 

By the way, I still don't fully know how to do all the strategic branding stuff, but that's okay: I launched.

What I do know is the three points I tried to convey in that video clip can all be resolved in your life if you take the time to #GetEngaged with yourself.

Four years later, I can emphatically say, "Getting engaged with yourself works, if you work it!"

  • More intentional living.
  • More opportunities to love and be loved.
  • More deepening of your faith to believe beyond what you can see.

Have you lost big in love and don't know if you have enough left to give love another shot? Don't know where your life is headed, or maybe you wish you could get unstuck and stop dwelling on the past? What about those of you who are praying to be *fine* with who you are and who you'll never be?

Trust when I say, "Getting engaged with yourself works, if you work it!"

It works if you work it because getting engaged is supported by the ultimate and most reliable change agent: God.  

With God's help and good accountability, you can face yourself and fight for your best life. In Isaiah 61:3, there was a promise given to the Israelites that applies to believers today, 

" provide for those who grieve in Zion-- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair."

It's real: after a lot of tears, battles with doubt and sheer grit, God crowned me with beauty in exchange for all those ashes, and I'm beyond grateful. The sadness that seemed to be settled in my bones from leaving a man, I thought I'd marry, to the heartbreak of not having a picture perfect relationship with my daughter has lifted.

Here's what my personal and professional experience has taught me thus far:

If you really want new results AND resolve in key areas of your life, you have to be daring enough to exercise your faith differently. Always keeping in mind...

" by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." -James 2:17 NIV

As I rejoice in my personal and spiritual growth, I will continue to create transformative content, and offer coaching techniques that help women get engaged with self, and their faith, so they can live and love beyond anything they thought possible. 

The most recent radical resource offered via is the Self-worth + Dating Workshop for single women. Did you hear about it?

This workshop challenges single women to be honest about their singleness, to get clear about their relational values, and to show up in ways they haven't before. Bottom line, the community of women serviced in November were well, pleased.

Here's what one woman had to say...

"This workshop has definitely turned the mirror on myself. I needed to take a good look at myself, and Tiffany has turned some lights on in places that were Dark to me...ex. Personality Traits, behaviors and even dating techniques." - Courtney Bell

If you missed the Self-worth + Dating Workshop Live in Philly, it will be offered again, January 13 + 20 [5 hour commitment].

Click here for more details, early bird registration available.  

How many of you remember the above launch video? How do you plan to radically show up for you now, and in the New Year? Comment below, maybe I can help.  

Much Love, 

Tiffany Wilson, M.Divinity aka @tiffytalks

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